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There are times in life where things or situations take place that leave a lasting mark. Some might even use the term scar, depending on the situation.

Some come and leave just as fast as they arrive. We refer to those as “marks”. Others last a lifetime, forcing you to evolve and adapt to the many different feelings and emotions you will experience as you heal. Those are the “scars” of life. The ones that go deeper than just the surface of what people see everyday. While marks can typically be erased or smudged out, scars take time to heal and because they need time, so do we.

Two years ago may seem like quite a bit of time, but the scar of losing a pregnancy somehow manages to always remain fresh. Because of that, today we choose to Remember two years ago and consciously make an effort to reflect. Reflect on the joyful days and the not so joyful ones. Combined, they create lasting memories that not only make us smile, but also make us pause. Pause to feel, to see, to inhale, and to exhale.

Today we pause to inhale the hope of tomorrow and exhale the doubts of yesterday. Today we pause to feel. Today, we pause to Remember.

We love you forever, Brevyn

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